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Vancouver, B.C.-based, Oakland-raised Terrance Richmond is a dynamic and innovative songwriter, rapper and creative. Having recently released his 10th project Glory Cloud, Richmond is continuing to stretch and redefine the boundaries of hip hop as a genre - refusing to be limited to trends, instead pressing towards defining a unique sound.


His latest project serves as both his most lyrically deft and  most vulnerable to date as he delves into ideas of legacy, pursuing call and following The Glory Cloud. Bringing together gospel, hip hop & neo-soul, this project stands as one of his best to date.

With his youthful spirit and seasoned wisdom, Richmond remains focused on creating art that uplifts and inspires while remaining unafraid to be rooted in skillful authenticity — all completely rooted in Love.







  • Path to Purpose - 2005

  • The Time Is Now [Stand] - 2008

  • Army of David - 2009

  • Love Fix - 2010

  • Wrestle Mani Heir - 2012

  • Greatest Gift Alive - 2013

  • 911 Love - 2015

  • That Love - 2016

  • Shut Up & Pray Fo'm - 2019

  • Glory Cloud - April 3, 2020

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